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2nd Photographer

2nd Photographer/Assistant Options

As your dedicated photographer for your wedding, no one works harder to capture shots from every angle and range, but because in a wedding there are two of you and only one of me, I use second photographers in every full day wedding. I do offer some alternatives to give you a variety of pricing options.

Also included in every full day wedding is a photographer/lighting assistant. This indispensable individual helps in a variety of ways. Setting up and holding lighting, transferring your dress out of package to be photo ready, arranging or moving items for better space and background view, adjusting your dress for photos, and many other small details that can take precious minutes away from the photographer. And at times they will have a camera in hand when there is not a lot for them to do, such as during the ceremony and reception. This gives you the ability to use them as a 2nd photographer option for a little less.

However, there are times that a 2nd photographer is needed in addition to the assistant. Here are just a few situations.

- Preparation pictures for both Bride and Groom, but there are two different preparation addresses.

- You want to double the amount of preparation time with the 2nd photographer focusing solely on the groom rather than one photographer moving back and forth.

- You have a guest list of over 200 people, and want to make sure there is ample coverage for candid shots of your guests.

- A specific desired shot may require a 2nd photographer, such as a picture of the bride walking down the aisle with her father from behind.  (For specific requested shots, we recommend having a more experienced 2nd photographer than just the assistant.) 

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