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Navigating Your Gallery

Whether you are just visiting a gallery or the gallery owner, each individual has the ability to save their own favorites by their email address for quick access in the future. If you are the gallery owner, you’ll have some additional features that effects the entire gallery for any visitor.

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Selecting Favorites

Any gallery visitor can select favorites that will be uniquely stored based on their email address. Making it easy to return and pick up where you left off any time. Click here for a step by step.

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Viewing any photo in Black and White

A great feature in the gallery is the Black and White tool. Allowing you the option to view any photo in black and white. Once you decide you like it in black and white, you can purchase it in print or digital.

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Downloading the Digital File

When the final gallery is ready, and digital files was part of your package, this will give you the step by step on how to download.

For Wedding galleries, visitors can usually have access to social media size files for free that will include a watermark. For digital files without a watermark, they can be purchased in larger sizes. For gallery owners, if you are logged in with your administrator passcode, you’ll have access to download based on your package purchased.

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Purchasing Professional Prints


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Hiding Photos from Visitor View


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Labeling Photos


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