Downloading Digital Files

Downloading Digital Files

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While viewing the thumbnails and hovering over a photo, you will see the quick menu underneath. Click the Cloud with Arrow icon to pull up the download menu.

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Social size

Most wedding galleries will have the Social media size enabled for free downloads for their guests. The social size is perfect to share on facebook, instagram or even print as a 4x6. The free Social media size does include a watermark. If you were given the download pin, click on the small “Enter It” blue link below. This will allow you to download larger files without the watermark.

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Choose a size

With the download pin entered, you will see the Social media button, Medium size and High Res button. The medium button is useful to attach to an email for sharing at around a 2MB size. The high resolution button will at times be larger than 5MB and large enough for prints 11x14 or larger. Once you click the size, it will drop into your download folder.

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Download them ALL

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You can download the Entire gallery when you are in the Gallery menu before selecting an Album. You will see the download icon towards the upper right corner.

You can download an album by clicking on an Album to open it, and the download icon will be in the upper right hand corner.

When downloading this many pictures, there will be a delay to prepare them. You will be sent an email with a link when they are ready. If you don’t have access to download the digital files for free, you can purchase digital files or prints.

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